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Die Presse LogoCarlo Grante, a knight of the piano from Italy, without blemish and without fear…


Classics Today LogoHowever, Grante proved the impossible, and not just because of a nearly full house… Grante constantly sublimated his frighteningly proficient technique toward musical ends.


New York Concert Review LogoItalian pianist Carlo Grante is a musician of superabundant gifts… he is much more than a recording artist, demonstrating such thorough pianistic mastery onstage that, if his concerts were recorded straight to disc, one would be hard pressed to think of a single spot to edit.


Gramophone Magazine logoTo say that Carlo Grante is equal to the occasion would be to deal in understatement. Remarkably, even the most outrageous or overladen difficulty is resolved in purest poetry.


Der Tagesspiegel MastheadThe Italian pianist Carlo Grante completed his “Masters of High Romanticism” series … with 3 sets of Variations by Johannes Brahms. After the complete Ballades and Scherzos of Frederic Chopin we heard the 3 seldom-played piano sonatas of Robert Schumann: in all, an unprecedented feat involving mastery of the scores, stylistic adaptiveness, and an ability to clarify the musical processes – not to speak of the hair-raising technical difficulties of these programmes.


Audiophile AuditionA delight or the ear and mind, this Liszt recital by Grante, and so among the first of the Best of the Year candidates for any piano lover’s collection.


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